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My Son Is Still With Momo19 – Daxx Kartel Mother

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Sulaiman Ssebunya alias Daxx Kartel mother comes out to say that his son did not eat Eid day in tears because they are still together with Maureen Naluwooza a.k.a Momo19.

It wasn’t long ago when BBS television presenter Momo 19 and Singer Daxx Kartel where reportedly to
have ended in tears, after being in a relationship for Five years straight.

Further more Momo 19 came out to confess on his social media's of how she’s single because Daxx is no longer getting some .

Confusingly Daxx Kartel’s Mother came out to further say that she will not believe in rumors, said that
she will believe those words only if they come out of her son’s mouth and that as far as their concerned Momo19 is still their in-law.

Also Daxx Kartel’s sister quips to us that there might be some conspiracy behind the two, she said they talked with Momo19 a couple of days back and she said all was well but only to be hit by sad news on televisions.


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In conclusion, It has been alleged that among other reasons, finances led to the couple crumbling, that
Momo19 was always catching flights to South Africa to meet her baby Daddy Medi Moore.

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