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Muhammad Ssegirinya – Biography, Education, Politics, Net Worth

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Muhammad Ssegirinya is the current Member of Parliament Kawempe North and so far, he is rated the best parliamentarian in the August house. Here is full and updated biography of Muhammed Ssegirinya, net worth, education, family and political career.

Muhammad Ssegirinya Biography and Age

Thirty-three year old Kawempe North MP Muhammad Ssegirinya was born in Butale
Kaddugala, Masake district.

Education Background

His entire early life revolved around his ancestral home as he went to Kaddugala Primary School where he sat for his Primary Leaving Examinations and later he joined Kaddugala Secondary School until his Senior Three where his academic aspirations were crippled by financial constraints since his sugarcane business that had long funded his academic endeavors collapsed.

Moving to Kampala

On a lorry filled with matooke to the brim, a young Muhammad Ssegirinya finally made entrance into the big city as an apprentice to his cousin who was an expert in the matooke business with Kampala.

His cousin not only taught him the workings of the never sleeping city but also helped his attain
bursary at Kyebando based Kimbassy Secondary School where the now member of parliament
sat for both his Uganda Certificate of Examinations as well as his Uganda Advanced Certificate
of Education.

Some of the metrics to recognize a famous person/ celebrity is having a fawning fans, media
attention, and spotlight on themselves, attracting crowds, and having a huge influence on the
masses. Though many of us here in Uganda still believe that being a celebrity is only attributed
to the entertainment industry, any other person beyond this scope can be a celebrity too.

This only fueled Ssegirinya’s ambition as he currently is a journalist after attaining a diploma in
Journalism from Datamine Technical Business School.

Career path

MP Muhammad Ssegirinya worked at a cleaner at Mariz restaurant, Mabirizi Complex in the city center to sustain his life.

But that was not all he did as his thirst for politics drove him to multiple Kyebando bases radio
stations. During his talk shows where he referred to himself as “Ssegirinya edobozi
lye’kyebando,” he discussed contemporary issues and dissected the ruling government,
highlighting their weakness and what could be done about them.

Soon, he became a must listen for many youths in Kyebando and was referred to as “MP-to-be-
Kawempe North” a slogan he always used before and after all of his talk shows.

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Political path

Just like all aspects of life, MP Muhammad Ssegirinya had to fight tooth and nail to put his name up and high in the political setting of the country.

His first attempt at politics was in 2011 when he contested against Latif Ssebagala in the
Kawempe North Member of Parliament race. However, he was given a bloody nose although
this did not cool him off.

In 2016, Forum for Democratic change (FDC) denied his the chance to run as Lord Council under their ticket which prompted him to stand as an independent candidate that saw him emerge victorious.

During the recently concluded general election, MP Muhammed Ssegirinya took everybody by shock as
he undoubtedly outcompeted his opponent with an enormous difference between him and his
opponent. It seems his joyous side worn many hearts among the residents of Kawempe North.


The MP is married although he only promises to reveal the identity of his wife the day he will be
sworn on as the one and true Member of Parliament for Kawempe North. In relation to his
children, the Muganda man says his culture prohibits him from counting how many children he
has so he does not know how many they are.

Net worth

Just like the number of his children, his net worth is not yet fully revealed, although a reliable source says his net worth has since 2019 been growing like a wild bush fire and he will soon stand as one of Uganda’s richest men. It is estimated to be between $200,000 – $400,000 putting his house salary in consideration and investments.

View on life

Muhammad Ssegirinya believes we ought to always do what is right and politicians should not over stay in power so that younger people can get a chance to rule. He further vows to spend every single
penny meant for his car from the government on the suffering people of Kawempe North.

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