Mr. Mosh Reveals the Number of Children he Wants to Have

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Mosh Ssendikaddiwa popularly known by his stage name Mr. Mosh Sendi has come out reveal
15 children is the goal for him.

While being interviewed, the media personality now a politician when asked about how many children he hopes to have revealed that he will not settle for anything below fifteen since he wants a big family.

The question was triggered by the shock from the revelation that Mr. Mosh has a teenage daughter as his first born from his earlier days. However, nothing was known about her until the day he was being sworn in when he appeared with his long hidden daughter escorting him to take an oath as a newly elected Member of Parliament.

Mr. Mosh revealed that he actually has two children, his teenage daughter and his son, however, he is no where close to the end since his ultimate goal is to have up to fifteen children in total.

Once you do the mathematics, you will come to realize that the newly elected legislator still has thirteen children to go before he can make his dream of having fifteen children come true one day.

Knowing Mr. Mosh, he is a man with limitless dreams and it shall in deed come to pass. After working as a media personality for many years, he decided to try out his luck in the political arena.

Unlike some media personalities that failed to secure political offices, Mr. Mosh just like NTV’s Agnes Nandutu and NBS TV’s Joyce Bagala was able to secure a place in the 11th parliament as a legislator.


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Hence his history is anything to go by, Mr. Mosh may in deed surprise everyone by being in
position to accomplish his fifteen children dream.

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