Feffe Bussi returns in Mr Education single

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FBM boss Feffe Bussi has returned in the Mr Education single which from the look of things is bound to break boundaries for his music.

The production of the song went through the expert hands of Ian Pro and there’s no doubt that it has all the components required to make the song a number one hit song on the country’s billboards.

Prior to this, Feffe Bussi released Gulu, a musical journey of Uganda’s ‘supperstar’ musicians right from the central city of Kampala all the way to Gulu under the supervision of Slyvia Owori to meet OWC boss Salim Saleh.

As though that’s not enough, he is back with the Mr. Education hit and although nothing much is known about this song, we can easily predict from the previous trend to tell what this particular song is about.

Recently, all Feffe Bussi’s music relates to contemporary issues either motivating people through their struggles like he did in his story song or rather narratives of what has happened in society like he did with Gulu.





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Basing on this trend, Mr. Education shall most likely tackle the lengthy period students have spent without going to school which crippled the 2020 academic year as well as the 2021 academic year.

Conclusively, this song certainly is one to look out for so we can tell what Feffe Bussi has in store for us, don’t miss out on the joy ride and simply wait to be stunned beyond your wits.

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