Most Used Social Media Platforms/Apps in Uganda 2021

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Within the last year, the country has been grappling with the impacts of Covid-19 and due to
this, many people have chosen to embrace social media as a means to escape the long
stretching boredom. Here are the most used social media platforms/apps in Uganda 2021.

Ever wondered which are the most visited apps in Uganda, well worry no more as here is a list
of the bottom to top most used apps in between June 2020 and June 2021 according to
Statcounter Globalstats;

6.) Tumblr

With a 1.16% ratio, Tumblr comes in at the seventh position among the most used apps in
Uganda. Unlike most social media apps, Tumblr fully gives her user the chance to customize

their account in the way they find most befitting.
Above all, since it is a blogging and social media tool, users have the chance to publish their
posts usually known as “tumblelog.” It is one of the most used social media platforms/apps in Uganda 2021

5.) Instagram

Shortly after Tumblr we have Instagram that holds a good 1.95%. The app majorly involves
posting pictures of yourself as well as short videos of you doing anything interesting.

It is also the perfect eye into what is happening in any celebrity’s life, all you have to do is follow the
celebrity of your choice and have a 24/7 view of what their life is about. On top of that, the social media app monetizes, thus giving the eligible users some money from their content.

4.) Facebook

For a long time, Facebook has been one of the country’s most used social media platforms/apps. Especially since it gives you a chance to interact with not only people in your contact list, but also people from all over the world.

Thanks to Facebook, some people have even got jobs, marriage partners or friends from across the world. No wonder Facebook has been ranked 4th with 9.02% in the most used social media platforms/apps in Uganda 2021.

3.) YouTube

Looking for music videos from way back in the days or the latest music videos, or are you more
inclined to movies and you want to watch some of those vintage movies that made our days as

Well you name it, they show it. YouTube has gained fame thanks to the fact it covers a
diverse range of videos both short and long about various aspects of life.

No wonder statistics indicate that YouTube has attracted 10.3% of Ugandans active on social
media in the last year.

2.) Pinterest

Just like the name states, Pinterest, you select your interests and you shall be given a chance to
interact with people that have similar interests. Hence it is a wonderful app for social
networking especially of people with similar interests in life. Over the last year, Pinterest’s
usage stood at 19.13% making it the second most used app in Uganda.

1.) Twitter

Words such as tweet, tweep and twitter have become so familiar. It seems like the most
trending subject in town. Gone are the days when we all wanted Facebook accounts, now the
talk of the town hallways are Twitter handles.

Every contemporary matter is surely topic of discuss on this app and it even seems like a
republic of its own seeing as Patrick Kanyomozi was recently elected as President of Ugandans
on Twitter.

So what are you waiting for, in case you do not have a Twitter handle, join the 57.09% of
Ugandans on the other side. It is the most used social media platforms/app in Uganda 2021.

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