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Momo19 Admits Break up with Daxx Kartel was Long Needed

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Maureen Naluwooza popularly known as Momo19 has come out to air that her break up with
ex-lover Daxx Kartel was long needed.

In a recent post, Momo-19 says she is currently happier than she could ever be in her life seeing
as she’s single and doesn’t have to worry about the troubles of being in a relationship.

This comes after a messy breakup between Momo19 and longtime lover Daxx Kartel in which
the two kept pointing accusing fingers at each other for being the reason the relationship did
not work out.

On one hand Momo-19 claims Daxx Kartel had an affair with her friend and even got her
pregnant while Daxx Kartel accused Momo-19 of being unfaithful to him despite the fact that
he loved her dearly.

During the time of the breakup, there was also a popular notion that the reason as to why Daxx
Kartel ended the relationship is because Momo-19 was not willing to give him children that he
desperately needed.

However, Momo19 seems to have long moved on passed the drama as she took to her
Instagram page to announce how happy she is and that she has never been happier in her
entire life.


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Looks like the socialite needed a break from the relationship tantrum more than a
reconciliation with ex-lover Daxx Kartel as many people were hinting on after the breakup
between the two.

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