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Mikey Seems 2 Funny – Biography, Early Life, Relationship, TikTok, Net Worth

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Popular TikToker Mikey Seems 2 Funny has been on everyone’s mind thanks to his mind-blowing comedies skits with his lover Bash. Of course due to this, everyone is interested in knowing much about his life so today, we go on a ride through Mikeyseems2funny biography, education background, relationship, net worth and Tiktok.

Mikey Seems 2 Funny Biography

Born in the city suburb of Kawempe, the 25-year-old Michael Ssebamba who later adopted his stage
name Mikey Seems 2 Funny belongs to the Nkima clan (Muganda)and is the only boy among six children.

The siblings were raised by their mother, Amina Nabbanja after the family transferred to another city
suburb, Kibuli where he was raised.

Education Background

Mikey Seems 2 Funny aka Michael Ssebamba attended school up to university level and he currently works as a an LED screen engineer at Steve Jean’s Fenon Records.


In case you already haven’t guessed from his TikTok video clips, Mikeyseems2funny is incredibly in love with Bash in real life and is even willing to go as far as protecting her from the public’s eye especially malicious TikTokers that can be rude and abusive.

Comedy career

Under normal circumstances, Mikey Seems 2 Funny works under Fenon events as a LED technician, events planner where Steve Jean has been his boss for the last 5 years. However, it is undeniable that
his blood is filled with the ability to make people happy with his comedy.

While working at Fenon events, his interactions with some of the country’s biggest music icons
only helped to expose his skills. Through interactions with artists such as Karole Kasita, Levixone
and A Pass, he got an extra push to venture into comedy as a career path.

Before lockdown was imposed, Mikeyseems2funny used his YouTube channel to promote his comedy
although it was never as popular as TikTok turned out to be later on.

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Watch Full Biography here


Three months ago, Mikey Seems 2 Funny ventured into the virgin lands of TikTok. He got familiar with the various filters and chose a big lipped face as the perfect costume for his comedy. With the help
of Bash, he was able to climb the ladder.

Definitely, no journey ever starts without inspiration and Mikey’s came from SMAU whereas his
role models where Nigerian TikTokers like Sydney Talker as well as some Ugandan TikTokers
such as Tata Kimbowa, Sesebat, Tom D and Namata.

Immediately after posting his first skit, he hit up to 1.5 million views a number which has since
risen to a point that he has started earning from it, got a number of endorsements and also his
YouTube became more prominent.

However, he has faced loopholes along his journey especially from other TikTokers who feast
on criticizing other people which sometimes dumps his spirits.

mikeyseems2funny biography, net worth, education

Word to young people

Mikey Seems 2 Funny reminds all youngsters that are interested in joining TikTok that it is best if you focus on what you can do best rather than being forced to join the bandwagon and do things like other

Net worth

Mikey has not shared his net worth yet, but he earns a good amount of money from Tiktok and YouTube.

Those are the 1,2,3s you need to know about your favorite TikToker, Mikey, keep it looked at
Times Uganda as we have so much in store that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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