Men should learn to keep family secrets, Nina Roz

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“Olumya baano” singer Nina Roz has pledged with me to stop being disrespectful to women.

Prior to this, Nina Roz’ ex-lover Daddy Andre went out to reveal why he could not be compatible with Nina Roz during an interview in which he disclosed all their secrets and dirt to the public.

He went on to say that Nina Roz littered the roses within herself as she decided to drop her dignity and go for weed which has shuttered their relationship following the fact that he believed she has changed.

The singer uttered out during one of her performances in town that men should learn how to keep whatever is happening in their families within the confines of the bedroom instead of displaying them out in public.

“Men ought to give maximum respect to all women. I ask you to pass on that message to all husbands out there. Matters of the heart should be discussed in the bedroom,,” said the pained artist.

Nina’s pleas back up the thoughts that were once aired by Kabako when he adviced couples on how to deal with their challenges shortly after Daddy Andre had spilled the secrets of their relationship.

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Kabako came out and warned couples not to wash their dirty linen in public as this only brings shame to them and it also embarrasses them before the public for not keeping their lives a secret.

He went on to say that this gives the public the chance to be the judge and jury in their relationship instead of them keeping it away from the public.



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