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Melody Ug gives Kayz a sound warning – Leave music alone

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Sensational singer Melody Ug has given NBS TV uncut presenter Kayz a stun warning to stay clean of music-related affairs.

According to Melody Ug, both Kayz and him are great friends and he has no grudge against him whatsoever as he respects his work and all that Kayz does a television presenter on NBS TV.

However, he believes that Kayz is rather an amateur in music related issues which leads him to believe that it would be much better if Kayz just choose to stay away from the music world all together due to his naivety.

He went on to inform the music in which Kayz is trying to deep his nose into is way older than him and has been around for quiet some time, therefore, it would only be wise for him to totally avoid it.

“Kayz uncut you’re my good friend but when it comes to comes to music I beg u plz keep mum, these musical issues are older than you,” Melody Ug passed a warning to Kayz through one of his social media handles.

Well like the famous saying goes, a word to a wise is enough, hopefully Kayz shall pay hid to the warning and advice that has been passed to him by musician and sensational singer Melody Ug.

This is also not the first time Kayz is being warned to stay away from some subject as multiple times he has been called out for his behavior by multiple people to an extent that he was called disrespect.

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Anatalia Ozil, who also used to host uncut was once shut up on the same grounds for apparently hardly any knowledge about the music industry yet she went ahead to host a show on the same subject.

Although Melody Ug has been off the music scene for some time now, he could not help but come out to confront Kayz over the elephant in the room.

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