Medically recommended foods for people with stomach ulcers

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Stomach ulcers are a pandemic of their own as many people in the country have suffered through the torturous pains induced by the presence of the ulcers on their stomach walls.

In most times, the presence of ulcers in one’s stomach is attributed to the fact that they spend long hours without eating food but it is known that ulcers sometimes are a product of severe stress.

Patients suffering from ulcers have also been warned from eating foods that may trigger the ulcers in most times, these foods contain acids that may worsen the already terrible condition one is going through, these may include;

Mangoes, pineapple, lemons, beans, matooke, ginger, sodas among many other foods that doctors usually warn patients from consuming for their own good.Just like many foods are discouraged, here are some foods patients are advised to consume;

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Cabbages, apples, strawberries, carrots, honey, garlic, bananas and turmeric among many others. Consumption of such food surely will help tremendously with those stomach ulcers that have been troubling you.

Sometimes, doctors many also recommend medications that can help you to become better and these may include Omeprazole, the Pylo kit which are known for helping in treating ulcers.

Always remember to follow the doctor’s advice so as to become better, also in case you do not have ulcers, eat on time and also, avoid stress which also has the potential of causing not only ulcers but disease such as pressure.

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