MC Kats and Victor Ruz Bury the Hatchet and Mend their Relationship

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The exceptional media personality and events mc one Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats of Kats music has come out and reunited with his artiste Victor Ruz with whom they had parted ways.

A couple of months ago, MC Kats who had been under stigma over his health went on rehab and almost lost everything under his control and some sects were at stake and some completely came to a standstill.

The music record label he had started had as well lost focus as all artists started running away looking for survival after the boss losing self.

However, the recent update coming is the ‘official’ singer has come back and reunited with his manager MC Kats as the two forge a better future and success of the career ahead after winning an award at the Galaxy Zzina Awards.

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This affirmation was made by MC Kats who took it to his official Instagram wall asserting that he had previously thought music had betrayed him but the arrival of Victor Ruz has brought about great smiles and happiness to his life.

Kats who has been initially FILLES official manager and huband partied ways when the relationship and intimacy became sour something that continuously ruined Kats Life


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