They are Not Comedians, Mc Kapale Intimidated By Famous TikTokers.

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Faded Comedian Bashir Kawuki mostly known by his stage name MC Kapale comes out to attack Tiktok
famous Actors, says how there spoiling the comedy industry.

Uganda, is in anew kind of state where all shows are closed, in this situation many new personalities
have started to make names of their own on Internet, Tiktok is one of those platforms with alone of new
comedians with fresh talents.

Kapale one of the oldest Ugandan comedian comes out to trash these new so called TikTokers,
calling them frauds who can’t make their own content but instead copy each other with the same old
boring content.

“Those kids on Tiktok are not comedians,,, they don’t even know how to create original content for
themselves instead copy and paste our content.” Mc Kapale said trashing them.

MC Kapale is a Ugandan Comedian with lots of years in the industry. Before comedy, he was a casual
laborer, housekeeper, builder, video hall attendant and retail shop attendant with MC Cool J as his first
stage name.

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