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Maurice Kirya to earn from being an online consultant due to covid-19

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“Mulembe” singer Maurice Kirya has resorted to turning into an online consultant due to the bitting financial impacts of Covid-19.

Since he has come to a realization that he is an expert in his field of practice, Maurice Kirya has decided to charge whoever consults him online as a means of survival during the second Covid-19 lockdown.

As Uganda battles with the second wave of Covid-19, the music industry must be bleeding out seeing as they have been put out of business since the country went into lockdown for the first time in March last year.

The devastation only increased at the slightest change of normalcy when the country was yet again sent into a second lockdown only cutting down whatever hopes musicians had of getting up stage and making a few shillings.

It is such conditions that have driven artists like Maurice Kirya to try their luck in other fields as they may not see normalcy in a very long time yet the need for survival is greater than anything now.

Maurice Kirya informed local media that although his consultation company Piz & Pots has for five years been offering free consultation, however,  it’s time to change the system of administration and consultation shall come at a fee now.

“After giving so many free consultations to artistes for more than five years due to corona, I will now be doing it through my company Piz & Pots, as a paid service…through online video chat,” Maurice Kirya informed.

After the current ongoing classes have been concluded, Maurice Kirya says he will open up his website to the general public so that they can acquire the information offered from the consultation classes.

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Recently, singer Nince Henry came out and said musicians may have to go digital because all chances of having concerts have been frustrated by the second lockdown that may last longer than even the previous one.

Times have changed and musicians may have to rethink their line of expertise seeing as the stages and microphones they were accustomed to have gathered a lot of dust now.


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