Mathias Walukagga Not Excited About Afghanistan Women

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The elected member of Parliament Kyegera Mathias Walukagga is sure that the recently announced
Afghanistan refuge women coming to Uganda, might be worse that our own Ugandan women.

A fuse has blown on social media after the Ugandan government announced about the temporally
coming of 2000 Afghanistan refugees to Uganda, many men have started salivating and ready to feast
the coming brown Muslim women.

When a camera was placed in front of Kyegera Member of Parliament Mathias Walukagga, the Kadonga kamu singer told us that he is not ready to marry any of those coming girls.

I have many children and ready to do a DNA test to all of them just to prove their mine,,, the coming
Afghanistan refugees do not attract me, these Ugandan women we have are really better than them”
this is what Mathias said during an interview.

Sir Mathias Walukagga is one of the famous country music artists performing Kadongo Kamu on the pearl of Africa, he has been in the music industry for more than a decade and won numerous awards, recently joined into politics and worn a beefy MP seat.


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