Maliswene Returns in ‘Muwe Eminwa’ Banger

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Feffe Bussi’s FBM once again presents us with Maliswene as he drops his single titled Muwe Eminwa. This is Maliswene’s freshest hit song as of now released in 2021.

Prior to this, Maliswene has made a number of media appearances although most of the times
it was a duet in between him and Feffe Bussi as they dropped various hits with their undeniably
interesting rhymes.

Back in November 2020, the duo appeared in the ‘Londa’ collabo and since it was the period of
the general election, they were calling upon Ugandans to turn up and cast their votes come
January 2021.

Earlier this year, they appeared again as they worked hand in hand on the ‘story’ hit maker. This
time round, it was in deed a story of what people are going through and encouraging them to
move on as things will get better.

Finally, we get Maliswene alone as FBM peeps him up to drop the ‘muwe eminwa’ single that
has all the components hip-hop lovers have truly been longing and searching for so as to have
the lyrics of their dreams.

Just in case you were wondering, Producer Lazer Beat is behind the beats and you can be sure you will be fascinated by how wonderfully the beats and lyrics blend to bring out the perfect hip-hop song.


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So you definitely have to jump on the joy ride and join everyone in enjoying Maliswene’s Muwe Eminwa

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