Makerere University Orders Freshers to Report With Laptops

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With the freshers of Makerere University reporting to campus on 29th January 2022, it’s now an essential rule for every new student to report with a laptop to help them with their studies.

With this new directive, many people, especially students, are not pleased and aired their frustrations and concerns on social media.

Some Ugandans believe that many parents can't afford to buy laptops for students following the effects of the pandemic. However, others know they are cheap gadgets that would be used to help with research and class work compared to using money to the money Makerere students spend on printing handouts and photocopying educational materials.

“Joined Muk in 2012 and didn’t really see why I should own one, of course there were those scenarios where you’d want it for something but alternatives are always available around you and they shouldn’t stress parents who can’t afford them.” A one Aaron Rigah commented on a post shared by KFM, a local radio station.

“Covid-19 has accelerated the need for technology in places of learning. Online lectures and sorts of meetings require you to have such gadgets. Please parents prioritize laptops for your children.” A comment shared by Daniel combs reads.

The COVID-19 outbreak affected many institutions and learning centres hence switching to online and virtual sessions. Makerere University based on these challenges among other reasons to order all freshers to report with laptops.

In 2020, Makerere University Vice-Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe revealed that students would get subsidized laptops for online studies with the help of a “giant tech company”.

Nawangwe did not reveal the name of the company. But according to current developments, the university is not concerned on how, where, and how much students get laptops as long as they report on campus with the mentioned gadgets.

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