Major General Jack Bakasumba ppointed as Deputy Inspector General of Police

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Major General Jack Bakasumba has been appointed as the Deputy Inspector General of the Uganda Police.

Yesterday’s 12th evening, the Internal Affairs Minister Kahinda Otafire appointed Bakasumba by  to serve as the acting Deputy Inspector General of Police until President Museveni appoints another person to the office.

Major General Jack Bakasumba replaces the late Major General Paul Lokech also known as the “Lion of Mogadishu”. Who tragically met his untimely death in August.

Since Major General Lokech’s demise, the office of Deputy Inspector General of Police was vacant hence appointing Mr. Bakasumba last night to usher into office.

Major General Jack Bakasumba

Major General Jack Bakasumba

Before the appointment, the Major General Bakasumba served as the Chief of Joint Security within the Uganda Police. Which is one of the most fundamental roles or places to hold in the country.

In 2018, General Bakasumba served as the Commandant of the Peace Support Operations Training Center (PSO-TC) which at the time was located at the Camp Dingo. While in 2014, he was the commandant of the Armoured Warfare Training School.

As Major General Bakasumba sets into office, we congratulate him upon the appointment and pray that throughout his serve, he upholds the high standards of the Uganda Police.

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