Lydia Jazmine Returns in stunning Kapesa Single

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Trust singer Lydia Jazmine to always have something in the oven baking for us and guess what,
the bun is out of the oven. he has come back with a great single called Kapeesa/Kapesa brand new tune.

The sensational singer appears in Kapesa/Kapeesa audio this Monday the 30th of August 2021. What better way could there be to seal off the month rather than listening to the melodious voice of Lydia Jazmine.

We guess we do not need to say much as Lydia Jazmine is truly meant for the top seeing as her
music never fails to win hearts and sway bodies to it’s exceptional beats as well as deep rooted
lyrical meaning.

As though that’s not enough, the song was produced by the one and only Bomba, we could say
that that’s the icing on top of the cake as it surely only makes things better knowing how
talented Bomba is.

Lydia Jazmine has sincerely managed to keep her fans entertained throughout the lockdown
period right from when she released ‘Binji’ with Fik Fameica throughout the lockdown period
up to the recent time when she and Lydia Jazmine got engaged in ‘Bannange‘ with Ykee Benda.


Just as we are still recovering from the hangover of ‘Bannange,’ she thought it right to give us an
overdose as she is set to drop the ‘Kapesa/Kapeesa’ which without doubt is a stunner and will get us
dancing, not like we’re complaining.

No wonder she collected lots of money when she held her concert in South Sudan. Let’s keep
supporting our home born talent since we all know it is a trying time yet she still strives to keep
the smiles on our faces.


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