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Lucky Mbabazi shares the A,B,C on how to identify a fake friend

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Capital FM‘s renowned radio presenter Lucky Mbabazi has come out to share the tips on how to you can identify fake friends in your circle.

I’m her words she says it is better to net out real friends and fake friends so as to protect yourself from falling pry of associating with people that are not genuine as she said “Don’t surround yourself with snakes that will simply bite you.”

Come to think of it, in an era where people’s friendship lists are shrinking and it is even worse when people are asked whom they trust yet even among their closet of friends, there isn’t a single sole to show off.

This is definitely not the way to believing and Lucky Mbabazi decided it is high time you learnt how to sort out the bad seeds from the good seeds so that next time your are investing your energies, you know how to set your priorities right.

Firstly, friends who think of you only when your are troubled to mock you should be questioned. Lucky explains that friends that call you only when you have challenges and never share with you in your joys are most likely take friends.

Additionally, she said that even when these friends contact you, usually it is not to console you or help you find a way forward but rather to dig up the details of your troubles and mock you to the core behind your back.

On the other hand, a good friend shall also reach out to you in times of trouble but instead of mocking you, they will instead contact you so as to strengthen you and help you make it out of your predicament as well as finding solutions to your challenges.

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Secondly, only call when they need your help. These friends shall only call you when they want something of importance to them and once they get it from you, you will obviously turn into a dead end for them.

Real friends may also spend ages without speaking to you but once they do, it is usually for purposes of checking on you, to find out how you are doing. Therefore, it is important to tell the two apart basing on these traits and many others.

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