Loco official music video finally out of the bag

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‘Loco’ that features Uganda’s Rema Namakula, Nigeria’s golden boy Chiké and renown Ugandan deejay Harold finally gets it’s video released.

Despite the fact that the song’s audio was out and about a few months a go, the video has only been recently released making it seem like it took a donkey’s years for the trio to finally drop the video.

However, it must also be noted that the magnificent video surely will have you thanking God for all the time you had to wait since further brings out the message the lyrics have tried to paint in our inquisitive minds as we were kept on our toes waiting for the wonderful melody.

Although the lyrics of the song surely does justice to the message being put across by one liver to another through the words that flow freely from their heart, the video is ten folds better and elaborating the point.

With the stricking looks of both Rema and Chiké, the video shall surely have you glued to your screen as you drink in the beauty of the artist, the melody of their voices and the message they try to portray.

Watch Loco HD Video by Rema ft DJ Harold and Chike Here

Even the great hindrance of Covid-19 could not stand in the way of the group that still found away to lure our hearts further into this love story where both lovers explain their unbreakable bond to each other which has already grown beyond their expectations.

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In case you still need all the exact details of the ‘loco’ video, check your YouTube channel and be ready to be stunned by the perfect pieces of vocals, music and a declaration of love that will surely win many hearts.

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