Fik Fameica Returns with Stunning “Lock” song off his Album

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Kawempe president Fik Fameica has yet again dropped another ground breaking single budded
“Lock.” This is the 3rd song off his latest album 2021 and it is a love song.

From the tidbits of the song we were in position to glimpse at, there’s no doubt it shall surely
rock the billboards thanks to the wonderful beats and exceptional lyrics it comes along with.

Basing on a recent piece of information released by the artist, Lock song shall come along multiple
other hits seeing as it is part of an album and is the third track after two others and followed by
many others.

This only leaves us wondering what the first two songs are like since the track three that the
public has had a chance to view is already as stunning as ever and as mesmerizing as only Fik
Fameica’s music can get.

Furthermore, Fik Fameica informed his ever anxious fans that he is ready whenever they are
ready to listen to his one and only Lock which only means it shall be dropping sooner than we
all expect.

From the days of “Byenyenya,” Fik Fameica has always been a stunner and a king at the game
of music, no wonder his fame just keeps on growing like a wildfire every other day.



So we surely ought to expect only the best from him just like our team of TimesUg could not
help but fall in love with the “Lock” single that has already had it’s teaser served to us.


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So since we are taking about “Lock,” keep it locked here as we shall soon be dropping the audio
for you, remember, nothing sounds like a beautiful music audio from an authentic source.

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