List of Top Best Public Universities in Uganda 2021 (Updated)

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Are you a student who has recently graduated from the confines of your high school and
looking for the best public university to accomplish your career goals, here is a list of top best public universities in Uganda 2021.

5. Busitema University

Busitema University top best public Universities Uganda

Coming in at number five in the top best public universities in Uganda is Busitema University located in the border town of Busia district along the Tororo high way. Busitema University has gained prominence especially for her great performance in the field of science.

Another reason as to why you would consider joining this particular institute of high learning is
because of the very low cost of living around the area. Seeing as it is located in the remote area
of the country, unlike many other universities, things are at very affordable prices in Busitema.

Gulu University (GU)

Gulu university to best universities Uganda

Located in the heart of Gulu city, Gulu University comes in fourth place in the top best public universities in Uganda 2021 due to multiple factors Leaving the slay queens down south in the Kampala city, Gulu University simply gives you the opportunity to be yourself.

Everyone is pretty much focused to accomplishing their academic goals and pay little or no
attention to social status. No wonder, students freely ride their bicycles to the university
without a care in the world.

Therefore, in case you are looking for a comfortable university in which you can study without
worry of being bashed for no or lack of any fashion sense but rather being uploaded for your
exceptional brain capacity, Gulu University is the place for you.

Kyambogo University (KYU)

Kyambogo university top best universities Uganda 2021

The Banda based Kyambogo University makes the list to the third position in the top best Universities in Uganda 2021. Despite the fact that the university has been criticized multiple times while her students have been referred to as “local,” Kyambogo University actually so happens to be one of the country’s best universities.

With easy access to the Kireka-Banda business center, a student could easily get whatever they
want at very affordable prices hence making it easy for one to survive through all conditions.

Secondly, Kyambogo University is known for having very affordable accommodation facilities for
her students ranging from this various hostels down to the rentals that can easily give you a
chance to live and study in a conducive environment.

Also, the university provides accommodations for students who would rather stay within the
confines of the university seeing as their are halls of resident that are not only affordable but
also conducive.

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Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST)

MUST top universities Uganda

Second on the list of best public universities in Uganda is Western Uganda’s city Mbarara based university, Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Just as the university’s name goes, it is no secret that it has produced some of the country’s gurus in the technology world as well as some of the best medical practitioners.

Her research is also exceptional since Mbarara University lecturer Professor Ogwang recently
redeemed the country from the troubles brought along with Covid-19 when he was in position
to make that Covidex treatment for the deadly virus.

So what are you waiting for, make your way to the western Uganda fountain of knowledge and
be sure to make it into the books of the greatest scientists that ever graced the face of the

Makere University (MUK)

top best public universities Uganda 2021

Number one to this list of best public universities in Uganda 2021 just as expected is Kampala based Makerere University. Multiple factors have contributed to this starting from the state of art teaching facilities, followed by the tremendous teaching stuff, wonderful accommodation facilities among many others.

Makerere University is known for being a leading research institute in the country and obviously this is supported by her well stocked main library as well as the College based libraries and school based book banks meant to cater for students’ thirst for knowledge.

When it comes to accommodation, the university has both male and female halls of residence to
ensure students are studying in a conducive environment. The male students are attached to
either Lumumba, Livingston, Mitchel, Nsimbirwa, Nkurumah or University Hall as their halls of

As for the female students, three halls of residence are at their disposable in case one is
interested in staying in the university vicinity and these include Africa, Mary Stuart and

Just to substitute the halls of residence, various hostels are scattered around the university in
all the areas surrounding the university right from Kikoni to Kagugube to Wandegeya and down
to Kikumi Kikumi.

These are just some of the few attributes that make Makerere University to be on top of best public universities in Uganda as others factors could also be the easy accessibility, provisions for various sports
activities, a rich alumni body, affordable fees to mention but a few.

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