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List of Top Best Hospitals in Uganda 2021 Updated and There Contacts

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Ever wondered which are the top best hospitals in Uganda to take your loved ones so that they can recover smoothly from whatever they are are suffering from under the best care ever. Well here is the
list of Uganda’s best hospitals.

Najjera Hospital

Located along Kiwatule – Najjera 1 Road on plot 726, Kampala, P.O Box 16933. Najjera hospital
is currently one of the leading private facilities within the city center.

It is known for the high quality medical care it provides and will surely be at the pick of ensuring that your loved ones are well taken care of.

Incase you decided to reach them out through their contact, 039 2176664 is definitely the
number to contact at anytime and on any day. It makes it to the list of top best hospitals in Uganda 2021.

Najjera Hospital

Kiruddu Hospital

It happens to be one of the latest additions to the country’s top hospitals since it was
constructed to cover the ever growing numbers of patients within the Kampala city center. The
government of Uganda acquired a lot worth UGX 37 billion aimed at it’s construction.

Since it was opened, more and more people have come to trust resulting from the tremendous
works they have done and how well facilitated most of their services are hence adding it to this

Kiruddu Hospital is located along Buziga Hill road, Makindye division with a capacity of 250
patients daily and an Emergency department III. The hospital can always be contacted through
041 4672315. It makes it on the list of top best hospitals in Uganda 2021.

Kiruddu Hospital

International Hospital Kampala (IHK)

Popularly known as IHK, the International Hospital Kampala is part of the International Medical
group and is known for providing customer-focused innovative and quality care ranked at
international standards.

The hospital’s P.O Box is 4686 and it is located along St. Barnabas Rd, Kisugu – Namuwongo, Box
8177, Kampala, Uganda.

In case a patient cannot travel the health facility, it can also be contacted through it's phone
number +256 (0) 312 200 400 which is available 24 hours for 7 days without fail so they can be
reached at any time and on any day. On the list of top best hospitals in Uganda 2021

International Hospital Kampala (IHK)

UMC Victoria Hospitals Uganda

Victoria Hospital as it is popularly known is located on plot 1495 in Bukoto along Kira Road,
Kampala Uganda with it’s ever available accessibility number as +91 (22) 23544625/27.

Statistics have always placed it as one of Africa’s leading hospitals thanks to the world case
health case that it is known for providing. It so happens to be part of other hospital chains with
India based head quarters.

UMC Victoria Hospital Uganda

Mulago Hospital

One of the country’s most old hospitals that was founded back in 1913, it also serves as a teaching hospital for the College of Health Sciences, Makerere University.

The hospital primarily aims at providing super specialized healthcare, training and conducting
operational research in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Health no wonder it has
managed to stay atop for such a long time.

It is located along Lourdel Road, plot 6, Nakasero, P.O Box 7272, Kampala, Uganda. The hospital
can also be reached through +256 417 712260.

Mulago hospital

Case Hospital

Founded in 1995, the hospital has still managed to stay relevant and of great important to the
entire nation at large.

For everyone that has been to Case Hospital, there’s definitely one thing they would tell you.
The in detail follow up of a patients’ medical health history while at the hospital is impeccable as they always ensure quality treatment. No wonder patients never develop later complications due to unattended too medical challenges.

The hospital is locate along plot 67-71 Buganda road on Nakasero Hill. It also has a bed capacity of
80+ with an emergency department standing at II. On the list of top best hospitals in Uganda 2021

Case Hospital

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St. Francis Nsambya Hospital

Popularly know as Nsambya Hospital, it is located along Nsambya Road, Nsambya Hill with 7146
as it’s P.O Box, and also also be accessed through +256 41 4267012.

In total, the hospital has 361 beds meant to cater for all her patients and in a year, it usually
handles approximately 20,000 patients whereas on a daily basis, at least 300 out-patients
receive treatment from the hospital.

Due to the various departments it has, it has definitely been ranked number one as some of these include the Ophthalmology, Urology, Endocrinology, Endoscopy, Orthopedics among many others.

Also, her affordable prices easily make her one of the best hospitals to ever access in the country at large. The first on the list of top best hospitals in Uganda 2021.

Nsambya Hospital

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