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List of Top and Best Cities in Uganda 2021 Revealed

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Initially, Uganda was a one city state with Kampala being the only city in the country. However,
the head of state, President Museveni recently awards city status to previous municipalities
hence the list of top and best cities in Uganda 2021.

7. Masaka

Coming seventh on this the list of top and best cities in Uganda 2021 is Masaka city. Located along the Kampala-Mbarara highway, the city surely would pick your interest. Known for harboring the Baganda ethnic grouping, it is no secret that the people in this locality are highly engraved in their traditional beliefs.

Secondly, the city is known for its strong Catholic ties upon which the city has been built. With
suburbs such as Kitovu, the Catholic faith is cardinal in this part of the country and it is no
wonder that nearly everyone you meet has a rosary in their neck, a sign of deep rooted
religious beliefs.

6. Gulu

Moving up North, at position six is Gulu city. This surely is the land of groundnuts, right from
the roasted one, down to the famous “odi” or as is known in the foreign man’s language,
ground nut paste.

The city is also know for being one of the leading producer of Cassava in the country. Despite
the troubles that the city has faced during the ugly days of the LRA rebels, which have left their
prints all over the city’s walls, it still stands strong and is in deed one of our best cities in the

5. Jinja

Omusoga bwakhoba nti mbe, eba mbe,” we are all accustomed to the familiar saying from our friends
in the Busoga sub region. Well welcome to the city that not only harbors one of the country’s
most popular ethnic denominations but also the source of the Nile. Jinja appears on the list of top and best cities in Uganda 2021

The people of Jinja are known for their hospitality until you cross to their wrong side, also, the
city is know for it’s constant supply of fish from both the Nile and Lake Victoria. Hence in case
you are looking for a place to spend your vacation while enjoying a beautiful scenery and fish
right from the lake to your plate, Jinja certainly is the place for you.

4. Mbale

Have you heard of a place where coffee is the flavor with which everything is done, Mbale
surely is the place. This city is home to the Bamasaba people who are known for always
following their cultural doctrines to the dot.

For them, coffee is the backbone that supports everything they do, no wonder, they work so
hard in their gardens to feed the entire nation with a cup of coffee. The fertile soils also
facilitate the growth of other food stuff such as matooke, Irish, beans and other Vegetables.

We surely can not forget the “imbhalu,” which is the circumcision period, the air is surely filled
with joy at the time while the streets are crowded with celebratory dances, welcoming the
circumcised boys into manhood. It is number four on the list of top and best cities in Uganda 2021.

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3. Mbarara

Moving on to the land of milk, Mbarara surely is known for being one of the most beautiful
places to ever be to in this country. The city combines a touch of modernity as well as the
tradition of the people inhibiting it.

With the “ente” (cow) statue welcoming you into the city, definitely you will be reminded that these
people call their cows dearly, no wonder, it is the land of milk for from January to January, they
have a constant supply of milk. This city surely is one to look out for.

2. Fort Portal

Time and time again, Fort Portal has been voted for as the country’s most beautiful city.
Whoever steps foot in the city can not help but speak of the surrounding green environment as
well as the cool whether.

Ran my the Tooro Monarch which is lead by King Oyo Nyimba, who took the thrown at a young age
following the unfortunate death of his father, the people in this city are extremely peaceful and
it keeps on attracting foreigners day in and day out. It is number two on the list of top and best cities in Uganda 2021

1. Kampala

Obviously, Kampala city came first on this list. Unlike many other cities in the country, Kampala
has held city status for such a long time. It is the business center in the country with most of the
public offices being located there.

Also, the city is a perfect blend of serious business and an escape to unwind after a long day.
With bars and hang out spots littered all over the city, Kampala surely is the place for a young
adult looking into have a relaxing evening after a long day of work.

Kampala city takes the number one spot on the the list of top and best cities in Uganda 2021

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