List of the Top 8 most beautiful female TV presenters in Uganda 2021

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In this article, we present to you the list of the top 8 most beautiful female TV presenters in Uganda 2021. Nothing makes a television program as interesting as the beauty that radiates off the presenter and this has surely been the case since the days of WBS, a beautiful television presenter feels like margarine over bread.

So here are Ugandas’ undoubtedly most beautiful female TV presenters;

8.) Ray P:

ray p

“Onkubba onkubba…” Mesach Ssemakula could not help but declaire at how hot the mother of one surely is. Ray P truly has a Heaven sent look no wonder Spark TV’s daily viewship seems to increase daily.

7.) Gabie Ntaate:

gabie ntaate

Usually, we are talked a praying woman is thousands of times more attractive that an indecently dressed woman. Aside from hosting Spark TV’s Live Wire show, Gaby uses her gracious voice to praise the Lord through her music.

That just makes it a triple shoot as she not only is beautiful, but she does her job to the best if her abilities and above all, the lady you usually see behind your television may be one of the Gid fearing people you could ever encounter.

6.) Diana Nabatanzi:

diana nabatanzi tanzi foundation

BBS TV’s Diana Nabatanzi certainly is a sight for sore eyes since she seems to be the human embodiment for beauty.

The media personality has all the curves in the right places as well as her white big beautiful eyes that shall surely have you glued to her. There really isn’t a thing you can point out to criticize Nabatanzi’s beauty for it in deed seems God’s perfect plan.

5.) Karitas:

karitas karisimbi

Beauty can surely never be bound by the confines of age. Karitas is one of the faces that have been around the media scene for years that you can not count in both your hands as you would run out of fingers.

However, this surely hasn’t affected her body an ounce for she still seems as beautiful and as dazzling as she was all those years ago. So there surely is no doubt that Karitas deserves to be counted one of the must stunning TV presenters seeing as she runs a show with Nbs TV.

4.) Lynda Ddane:

Lynda Ddane

When you think of “The Beat” and “NTV Dance Party,” Lynda Ddane surely pops up in your mind as the beauty has used her magical charm to capture an audience and make the shows the most watched in the pearl of Africa.

Her beauty has even seen her being used as a video vixen for one of the lockdown bangers by the B2C trio, “Munda Awo.”

3.) Etania:

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Looking for a combination of flexibility and beauty, well Fik Famica’s “Buligita” is the girl for the job. With the birth of NTV’s local down night dance show every Friday, Etania made her way to the big screen capturing everyone’s attention.

There’s no doubt she is truly beautiful as Fik Famica could not help but use her as the face of his greatest solo hits “Buligita.”

2.) Fifi Parker:

Fifi Parker

Despite the fact that STV is not so popular outside the central region of Uganda, there’s no doubt that one of their presenters Fifi Parker surely stands out like a rose in a field of many weeds. Her beauty is overwhelming and always has people tuning into the local station just to gaze upon her.

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1.) Bettina Tiana tops the list of the 8 most beautiful female TV presenters in Uganda 2021:

Bettina Tiana

NTV’s melanin queen Bettina Tiana tops the list for her stunning looks. Initially, she hosted the “Be My Date” show substituting Anita Fabiola who had been the show’s host before departing from NTV.

Later, Bettina decided it was better to invest her efforts in fashion, a field she surely is a guru at. So she now hosts Uganda’s local version of “Fashion Police,” “The style project.” A show meant to uplift Ugandans fashion sense.

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