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List of Best and Top Primary Schools in Uganda 2021

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Basing on the 2020 Primary Leaving Examination results, we we have compiled for you all Ugandan
primary schools are most suitable for you to take your children so that they can excel at the
primary level. Here are the best and top Primary schools in Uganda 2021.

Ntandi SDA Integrated Primary School

Bundibugyo top ranking school makes it to the top 10 schools thanks to the tremendous
performance exhibited during the recently stand Primary Leaving Examination.

Aside from a beautiful academic performance, the school is built upon the doctrines of the Seventh Day Adventist church which only means your child shall have the Church doctrines deeply instilled in

Njara Primary School

Moving on to the land of exceptional beautiful physical features, Fortportal, here you can be
assured of having your child study in a conducive environment as well as the assurance of a
wonderful academic performance.

Parental Care Primary School

Western Uganda’s Bushenyi based Parental Care Primary School surely is one to look out for seeing as it ranked among the best. For parents within the western Uganda, what better option would look out for to ensure that your children excel rather than a giant in your own midst.

Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary Schools

City based Sir Apollo Kaggwa P/S, Kisaasi comes in on the list of top and best Primary schools in Uganda 2021. This is not the first time it is being ranked among the best schools as it has even made it to the best 5 schools before.

With good teaching facilities alongside good teachers, your child shall surely have the perfect
combination to excel.

Mbale Tower Primary School

Next on the list is Mbale city giants Mbale Tower Primary School. Located in the city center,
accessibility surely would never be a hindrance. Secondly, the school provides spacious
accommodation for students hence helping to aid a perfect performance for students.

No wonder their excellent performance in the recently concluded examinations 2020. Also, it makes it on the list of top and best Primary schools in Uganda 2021.

Banyaterezas Golden Mem. Primary School

Fortportal’s leading primary school comes in fifth on the list of best performing schools in the
country. This is the second primary school to make it to the list implying parents within this
location have two options from which they can choose while taking their children through the
primary level education.

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Kisosso Parents Primary School

Moving back to central region, at number five is Lwengo district’s Kisosso Primary School.
Another leading primary school, away from the city center yet still in position to attain some of
the best grades ever. Kisosso Parents Primary School still managed to prove her excellence in
the national examinations.

Uganda Martyrs Katwe Primary School

At number two we have Masaka city champions. The school has slowly but surely risen up the
ranks to becoming one of the country’s top primary schools. Just in case you were wondering, it has always had a tremendous performance and it only out did itself this time by going way
above the average.

Namiryango Junior Boys Primary School

One of the leading tradition schools in the country, it would certainly be wise to say the
Mukono based school has stood the test of time. No wonder after all these years, it still has the
capacity to make it to the top three.

The all boys school shall nurture your son into a perfect gentleman, yet also, a wonderful
academic. Thus being on the list of top and best Primary schools in Uganda 2021

St. Savio Kisubi Primary School

At number one, we have yet again another all boys school. The Wakiso based leading
traditional school has for long been ranked among the country’s best schools and even in the
midst of COVID-19, they still managed to prove their worth.

So say no more, in case you need an all boys school for your son, then he surely deserves only the best. Thus featuring on the list of top and best Primary schools in Uganda 2021.

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