Levixone, Uganda’s Leading Gosple Artist 2021

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Sam Lucas Lubyogo who is popularly know as Levixone truly is Uganda’s leading gospel artist of the year 2021.

Levixone’s musical talent only contributes a fraction to how far he has excelled not only in Uganda but as far as other neighboring East Africa countries. Where he is flourishing despite singing in Luganda.

Earlier this year, Levixone was in position to attain the Best Gospel artist (East Africa) award at the Rhema awards 2021 held in Kenya. Also, the Best outstanding Gospel Artist at the Maranatha Awards 2021.

This certainly put him a step ahead because he now ranks as the best gospel male artist in East Africa and here are some reasons as to why;

Firstly, Levixone corporates with most of his fellow musicians. Usually, the music industry is filled with conflict even between gospel artist. However, Levixone has cast a different light to the entire perspective as he has excelled yet he still works in the confines of fellow Ugandan artists. He makes collaborations and even feature other artists in his music videos.

Also, Levixone’s music relates to contemporary issues affecting the local Ugandans. One of his famous songs ‘mbeera’ talks of the challenges Ugandan youths are going through despite trying to make themselves better.

However, the song doesn’t stop at this, it goes on to encourage people to pray to God for he has the ability to change one’s situation.

It is because of such strong holds that artists that have been in the industry longer than Levixone may have not got as far as he has. And above all, it truly is the Lord’s grace upon him.

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Don’t give up yet, the ‘Mbeera’ you are going through will change one day.

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