Legendary Joanitah Kawalya Showers Praises to Azawi

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Veteran singer Joanitah Kawalya had predicted that “my year” singer, Azawi is destined for the

Priscilla Zawedi who is popularly known as Azawi was first recognized after she released her
first song “quinimino” and has since been the talk of the town till her recently released hit “my

Despite the multiple criticisms she has faced, Joanitah Kawalya has said those are just bumps
towards the road for success as she predicted that Azawi has a bright future and shall soon
accomplish this.

Joanitah made the positive remarks about Azawi’s music career which she appeared on J
Kazoora’s late night show on NBS TV when the duo was discussing the future of Uganda’s music

While speaking about the subject, Kawalya could not help but praise Azawi for her outstanding
talent as she said she is highly pleased with Azawi’s performance when it comes to singing,
writing songs and stage performances.

It is upon these excellent performances that Joanitah Kawalya based while passing judgement
that Azawi is in deed meant for the very best and with the rate at which she is going, she will
soon get their.

However, she cautioned Azawi to stay disciplined just as we have always been taught to keep
discipline at the center of everything. Joanitah says that as long as Azawi stays disciplined, she
will accomplish all her dreams.

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After releasing her break through hit “Quinimino,” Azawi has found ways to stay at the top of
the music industry with songs like ”repeat it” and “Lo fit,” no wonder Joanitah Kawalya has
predicted she has a bright future ahead of her.

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