LDC Student Kengazi Gloria Video Leaves Men Panting

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Just know, ki Uganda kyanyumye dda after another video of Kenganzi Gloria a student at Law Development Centre (LDC) also surfaces on the internet. This finds the already viral videos of Paula a MUBS student and Kitende students, massively making rounds.

This 42 days lockdown in Uganda is going to be a more intriguing one after videos are being released now and then. In this video, Kenganzi Gloria the LDC student did her best to expose her large bean while pulling juices from it while in the showers.

This is quit a clean and appetizing bean unlike that of Paula MUBS student who left social media in laws not satisfied. With the way her thing is shaped and the dark part of it, is said to be not as good as expected according to her gorgeous looks. And for the Kitende students video, it is a sweet story only that the girl was mute while enjoying three boys.


On the same note, this Kenganzi Gloria the LDC student video leaves many wondering why she had to capture her video. According to how she looks and her stand, she looks a very responsible lady. But anyways, what do we know? As others allege that, the video was leaked by her boyfriend when she was in 4th year of her LLB in 2019.


LDC student video

Watch Video here

Kenganzi Gloria Video


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