Kitende Students Caught Live on Camera B0nking in a Foursome (Video)

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There is shock that has covered social media after a video that of alleged students of Kitende leaked while they were doing a foursome. This s#xtape video has made famous rounds to the extent that we have revealed some faces in it.

In this very video, these Kitende students are being seen enjoying each other to the final bits, and they are three men, and one lady. Yes, this lady is an iron woman who decided to swallow her pride and four three men at ago.

To make matters worse, one of the students had already gotten tired and he was roaming allover the house looking for drinking water. A sign that our iron lady had brought one man down, now remained with two to put down too, which she did in the end.

However, critics to this video say that, her banana eating skill were so amateurish, and the boys had small bananas. The same critics have been left wishing they were the ones showing the game up. These  Kitende students were doing all this while recording a video that leaked finally.

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Viral Video


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