King of the East Pallaso Won’t Stop! Again in Brand New Mpa Love Song

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Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso is roaring again, and this time in a mega massive tune called Mpa Love this 2021. Pallaso for the first time, he is begging for being loved unlike his previous hit songs where he only praises his love.

Mpa Love is a brand new song from the singer who carried the year 2020 on his head, he then picked 2021 and again carried it singlehandedly musically. Yes, he has done songs like Malamu, Ani Oyo, Nalonda Nemala, the pieces that have lifted him so high to the highest.

It is even on record, Pallaso has dropped three consecutive hit songs without breaking in. With his Mpa Love new song, he is seen asking to be loved the way he really needs. Things of the heart are so confusing, that is why the singer is drawing from praising to begging love.

Recently, he broke internet lose when he appeared on the Ug Connect e-show, he did an electrocuted show that left everyone wondering where on Earth did Pallaso get the whole vibe. Now as the bussing is still fresh, he comes in Mpa Love song 2021.


Here for you as always, the song is produced by Eddie Dee, and let us embrace the art. Keep it Times Ug.


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