King Herself Cindy Sanyu is Three Months Pregnant

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Cindy Sanyu is pregnant and she has excited her fans with the news she shared. This left all Cyndicates (Cindy fans) so happy and awaiting for the day she will deliver. Yes, the news is of Cindy being pregnant for her lover Prynce.

Cindy Sanyu has confirmed that she’s three months pregnant and that the promise she made to her fiancée is getting to reality. By saying this, she continued to alert whoever cared to know that she will give Prynce a photocopy.

“I want to give birth to a Prynce and after this kukyala I am thinking about it even more. I believe it is the right time given that my daughter is about to make 10 years,” Cindy revealed some months

Cindy’s last sighting at the just-concluded Pearl of Africa star search grand finale gave us hints and
not even the make-up could hide her puffy face. More so, her tummy seemed to make her so tired all through the event. A confirmation that Cindy Sanyu swallowed a live seed and is pregnant.


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With this Cindy Sanyu pregnant news, her 10-year-old daughter from her previous relationship with Mario Brunette, is finally going to have a sibling. And she will be happy about the news.

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