Khalifa Aganaga Thrilled to Have Written “Kale Maama” hit

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Singer Khalifa Aganaga thrilled to have written the “Kale Maama” hit as well as worked with two
of the greatest female artists in the country.

“Kale Maama” stirs Sheebah Karungu and veteran musician Chance Nalubega as it explores the
challenges a woman usually goes through while raising her children, turns out the lyrics are a
product of Khalifa Aganaga’s work.

He says that he is honored to have told a strong so real to many women in this country as well
as some men who have stepped into the position of mother’s in their children’s lives to raise

With the song’s popularity among listeners as well as it’s performance on billboards, Khalifa
could not help but upload himself for the work well done as well as the team he worked with to
see it happen as he said;

Kale Maama Sheebah  and Chance Nalubega this is a timeless song…..! Many women are passing through such experiences and its heart breaking, some men as well are passing through the same and this song brings it out perfectly to the dot.” Aganaga started his say.

You get to think about your own experience as u listen to the song I feel proud & blessed to work with the two female giants of Uganda’s music industry of all time….Kalifah pon di pen.” he noted.

Khalifa Aganaga is also known for some of his famous hits such as “Oyitangayo,” “Kiboko”
and many others, no wonder even his written pieces sale like hot cake for he is in deed talented
along side Sheebah and Chance Nalubega, in Kale Maama.


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