Khalifa Aganaga blames Vinka for the South Sudan “incident”

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The “kiboko fire” singer Khalifa Aganaga has come out to blame Vinka for what happened to her during her concert in Juba, South Sudan.

According to him, if Vinka had dressed decently, then there was no need for the fan to act the way he did but rather, it was her indecent dressing that encouraged the fan to come up and do the did.

During Vinkas’ South Sudan held a concert, one of the fans courageously went up the stage and attempted to touch Vinka inappropriately. In retaliation, Vinka decided to kick him off stage while she kept on entertaining her fans.

To Khalifa, the molesting Vinka received was well deserved so she should have carried on like nothing happened as this is what she asked for. “How could you do such a thing to the innocent fan who was just having fun,” said Khalifa Aganaga.

Vinka on the other hand holds onto her opinion that she did what she believed was right and she is not remorseful for what she did since the man was overstepping his boundaries and molesting her.

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Ugandan government had once suggested a restriction on what musicians could put on while performing but an argument was sparked stating that an entertainer ought to dress in a way that excites fans.

However, recent activities seem to have proved that the government of Uganda was right and musicians ought to dress a little more decently especially for concerts out of the country where dressing skimpy may seem bizarre.

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