Keko to Face Jail After Her Live Drug Abuse Video Went Viral

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Former rapper and hip hop sensation Keko appeared in a live video feed on her Instagram account, and her appearance shocked masses especially Ugandans. The once darling of the music industry, attracted a lot of sympathy but this landed her in trouble as police summons her.

This all happened last night when the singer appeared on a live video stream and her appearance lit up a massive buzz amongst revelers. Her fans even started begging for whoever can access her to run and help her out. In this video, Keko was smocking weed and drinking alcohol massively and carelessly.

Within a twist of events, our close sources to Keko reveals to our Times News desk that, before her live stream ended, it is said that police came to her apartment and asked her to report to police after she sobered up. More so, it is being learnt that her neighbors also watched the live video.

Consequently, they alerted police about Keko was abusing substances that were making her lose it, thus the police coming in. We have not yet established more details of her reporting to police, and we shall let you know about everything as events unfold.


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But all in all, the singer really needs help as drug abuse has taken a toll on her, she is physically perturbed and mentally so broken. It should be remembered that, Keko flew to Canada after getting citizenship and she is married to a fellow woman as she announced her gay stand.

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