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Kato Lubwama spits fire at National Unity Platform members

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Fallen politicians Kato Lubwama has once again fired at National Unity Platform members claiming that Bobi Wine and all his party members are drug addicts.

There has been a long-time feud between National Unity Platform and Kato Lubwama as he castigates the party and it’s members at every opportune time he gets.  In his latest ambush, he labeled whoever is affiliated with NUP as a drug addict.

His reaction was nurtured by the insulting comments that had been made by National Unity Platform diehards to public figures on various social media accounts.

The renowned hater for the party couldn’t help but grab the opportunity to put the party supporters in their place.

Basing on past events, it is obvious he always hated the party but his loss to National Unity Platform flag bearer Aloysious Mukasa intensified the gravity of their already suffering relationship.

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Additionally, Bobi Wine was an avid consumer of weed back in the days and this record has followed him up to date. Even during his campaign time, this was a strategy to the benefit of his opponents in his decampaign.

No wonder Kato Lubwama decided to use this as a strategy to water down not only the National Unity Platform president but the party at large as he stung where it hurt the most.

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