Kasuku – Nina Roz will run out of the Music Industry without Andre

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Media Personality Kasuku Wazabanga is worried about Nina Roze’s music career because he thinks Daddy Andre has been investing a lot in her music.

just like other social media in-laws, Kasuku thinks that the “Billboard” hitmaker can not make it without his ex-husband. He says that Nina has her personal reasons as to why she was in love with Andre, but now that she fell in her own trap then she will not make it to where she was seeing herself a few years from now.

As though that’s not enough, Kasuku has gone ahead to reveal that Nina was not in a relationship for love but money. Knowing that most of Andre’s songs hit She only wanted to use him as a stepping stone to her for fame.

“The couple was having some challenges but Daddy Andre was investing more in it. Nina Roze was using Andre as a stepping stone to her fame. She never loved Him. And the breakup will put her career at risk because lately, Andre was overly concentrating on her music more than his own music. He said.

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However, it should be noted that Nina Roze introduced Daddy Andre a few months back.  But as the saying goes that what is meant to be yours will find its way to you. The two are still on a journey to their destined people.



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