Karole Kasita and Dj Maker Breaker in ‘Mbeelamu.’

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The ‘Balance’ singer Karole Kasita this time round unites with Dj Maker Breaker in a Mbeelamu (Mbelamu) collaboration 2021.

Known for her catchy lyrics and wonderful dance moves, Karole Kasita returns to get us on our
feet again with the ‘Mbeelamu’ collabo that we have definitely been looking forward to
listening and enjoying.

Also, Karole does not return along as the song Mbelamu has Dj Maker Breaker featuring on it as well
which has only made it more worthy listening too than ever before or more than any other

We all know that there’s a certain magic that comes along with songs that have Djs featuring on
them since they seem to have the magic to turn up the vibe in any song and make it much
much better.

For instance Rema’s ‘Loco’ which featured city Dj Harold and the countless released songs which have
various Deejays as part of their production process, surely these songs are always leaving milestones

Following this trend, surely Mbeelamu (Mbelamu) can not be any different and considering the artist
behind the microphone as well as the Dj in question, this song shall be the deal breaker at the
end of the day.

Karole Kasita always has a certain level of journey surrounding her so that no matter what song
she appears in, her presence always makes it 10,000 times better. Now that she has returned with Mbeelamu (Mbelamu) we most definitely can’t miss out on this.


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