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Kariitwa Johnronax – Biography, Education, Family, Body Building, Net Worth

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Kariitwa Johnronax is a famous body builder, designated private security personnel and a father. Here is his full biography, net worth, family, education background and body building career details.

Kariitwa Johnronax Biography

Kariitwa was born in Nsasi, Ibanda, Western Uganda region to the late Captain Beyanga and the late Mbabazi Florence. They were both army officers, and he is the grandson of Mbale Constancio and Peter Begumisa.

Kariitwa Johnronax has Eight (8) siblings that include Collins, Augustine Buzabo, Evelyne Tumuhairwe, among others.

Education Background

Kalitwa Johnronax studied from a number of schools because of his football talent from Primary. He attended Ibanda town school, in Ibanda for two classes, then later on joined St Thereza in Primary School Ibanda still 1997 to 2002 for his Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) certificate.

He later on joined Nakasongola Army school up to Senior two, then later on joined Mbarara Army in Mbarara for his Ordinary level  and attained a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). Immediately after his Ordinary level, he joined Bigyera Secondary School for his Advanced level.

And left after two terms for Citizens Secondary School Ibanda where he finalized his A Level to attain his Ugandan Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) in 2008.

He then pushed up to the Mbarara city based Bishop Stuart University for his Bachelors of Education and graduated with Bachelor of Literature in Kiswahili.

Football and Teaching Career

Kariitwa Johnronax started by teaching at Millano SS in Ibanda Municipality, the shifted to his former school Mbarara Army. After that, football clubs started to lure him into professional football and he dropped the teaching bag and embarked on his talent.

Footbal – He first joined Villa Young FC (Jogoo) and won games, then moved back home Ibanda to join Ibanda Town Council FC. Moved to Umoja FC in Mbarara, Sharing Youths FC in Nsambya, Kampala. Kariitwa later on joined Kyebando FC and later on Moroto United in 2016.

He then decided to retire football as a game after picking interests in body building in 2017.

Body Building Career

In 2017, after starting his body building journey, it took Johnronax only two years to shine and win. He in 2019 won Mr. Kampala Light heavy weight, and 3rd Overall in the same competitions. Still, that same year in December, he was the 2nd runner up in Mr. Uganda competitions. In 2021, he won the Mr. Kampala Light Heavy Weight again, and was the 4th runner up in overall.

Then, in 2020 he went for Jeet Kune Do training, (is simply the direct expression of one’s feelings with the minimum of movements and energy. The closer to the true way of Kung Fu, with the less wastage of energy).

He is currently on a Yellow Belt (It is designation that indicates an exposure to Six Sigma concepts that goes beyond the fundamentals provided for a White Belt. Yellow Belts may have attended training sessions over a day or two). This came after he was interested in self defense.

This has earned him to do bodyguarding business with names like Jose Chameleone, Zari Hassan, former beauty Queen Abenakyo. Among others are Africa Talent boss Ali, Cindy, MTN Uganda events and events security.

Kariitwa Johnronax is also a fitness trainer at Afro Park in Muyenga, he trains aerobics, and does self defense classes and body building.

He has been a Bouncer at Sky Lounge Kololo, Wave Lounge, H2O, Forest mall and many more places. Besides that, he still does Kiswahili teaching in Makindye schools.

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Family and Relationship

He is a single father and is still single

Role Model(s) and Hobbies

Kalitwa’s role model is Ronnie Coleman who is an Eight time champion Mr. Olympia and still the best ever in body building.

His hobbies, are watching movies, and his favorite actors are MJ White, Scot Adkins.

Net Worth

Kariitwa has not shared his net worth of yet, we shall update you when he finally reveals it.

Kariitwa Johnronax biography, net worth, education

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