Kapa Cat Helplessly Falls in Love in Binzita Song 2021

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Songbird and Ugandan comic singer Kapa Cat is at it again after releasing her brand new song called Binzita. Others call it byebyo, but she really helplessly fall in love in this song. This is her other project where she showcases her musical versatility.

The song Binzita or Byebyo, is another great piece from the singer and it is rumored to be off her yet to be released Anthems Album in 2022. The Taf Music Uganda songstress pours all her emotions on the song, and she assures her lover that he got her, he finished.

Binzita is a pure blend of urban zouk and dancehall, where it’s producer Artin Pro helped by Axtra Nation Don got a huge job of keeping her fans in that high vibe until the song gets finished. Byebyo song again, stresses how Kapa Cat thinks has it all, from vocals to beauty, size, height and everything else.

When she broke to the music industry with her Sikyo song, everyone thought she was a joker, actually many predicted she was to stop from that song. Since then, she has dropped more hit bangers like Nonsense, Sifayo, Understand, Bad News, Corridor and more.




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