Kabako admits Chameleon is a class apart

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Team No Sleep singer Kabako has come out to admit that Jose Chameleon is a class apart and is a legend.

Following the rude comments that were thrown at Kabako by Chameleon last week when he simply described him as a musician who was not only broke but at the same time was struggling.

Although many people expected Kabako to retaliate fire with fire, it was a great shock when e instead poured ice into the entire situation hence totally cooling it off.

Instead of responding with a pompous response that would only fuel the fued further, Kabako opted for the exite route as he lowered his head and admitted that in deed Chameleon is way better than him.

His submission was based on the fact that Chameleon has actually accomplished a lot musically and is currently the president of the recently formed musicians’ umbrella body Uganda Musicians Federation.

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According to Kabako, Chameleon is in the same caliber with artists such as Bobi Wine and therefore they ought to be treated with utmost respect rather than trying to rub shoulders with the big boys in the game.

In the newly born umbrella body, Kabako was appointed in charge of information and he went on to inform that he is actually delighted to hold such a post and ran in similar circles with those that have made it

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