Jowy Landa drops ‘Tonzita’ Audio

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Talented vocalist Jowy Landa has dropped yet another hit song dupped ‘Tonzita’ which is
available for streaming on any website.

Produced by Bomba beats and brought to us by Sure Events, Tonzita shall surely get many
hearts beating in anticipation of every single secret revealed by Jowy Landa throughout the

Just like in many of her songs, Jowy Landa shares her deep rooted love through the song as she
narrates how deep her lover has fallen for her and he surely has no problem in showing her just
how much he feels for her.

Jowy Landa goes on to say how much she has been nourished with the unending love to a point
that she is requesting her lover not to like her with this love he keeps on showing her.

Definitely this is not something unheard of in this generation since day in and day out,
gentlemen are getting down on their knees not only to profess their undying love but also to
request for a second chance at love.

In case you are a gentleman that is still wondering how best you can express your love to your
girlfriend, it maybe high time you listened to ‘tonzita’ so that you can borrow a tip or two on
how to go about the situation.

And if you’re a girl that is trying to find the best way to tell your man how to tone down on the
love you are drowning in, you guessed it right, try Tonzita because it may be the answer to your


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We shall say no more, just go ahead and listen to the song so as to get the feel and taste of
what Jowy Landa is trying to communicate then you can be sure it is the perfect coat to fit your

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