Jose Chameleone and Other Artistes Exposed in the Gulu Cash Bonanza

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Legendary singer and chairperson United Music Superstars Association Jose Chameleone is trapped in a Gulu cash bonanza alongside other artistes in the association. Consequently, the group members have been exposed after secretly sending a ‘begging’ letter to the head of Operation Wealth Creation Gen. Salim Saleh.

In this letter headed “Request for a stimulus budget” sent to the General, the United Music Superstars Association (UMSA) Jose Chameleone wrote asking for a ‘stimulus budget’ in Gulu catering of over 9 billion Uganda shillings.

In the same letter, there is a list of beneficiaries that are registered in the UMSA group with the amount of money each is supposed to go away with. These include King Saha, Ziza Bafana, Bebe Cool, Weasel, Pallaso, Jose Chameleone, David Lutalo, Winnie Nwagi, Ronald Mayinja, Karole Kasita, Kabako, John Blaq, Henry Tigan, Chagga and many others.

I hereby write to your good office requesting for a stimulus budget for our members following their individual loses registered as a result of closure of the music business. It is our request that this issue is addressed with urgent concern to save the Uganda music industry for our members are crucial stake holders” the letter reads.

This however has not landed well in the ears of the fans and revelers as they have immediately trashed the request. They say that, the amount asked by a few artistes for their personal benefit is broad day thuggery.

This money can be channeled to other sectors like Agriculture and all Ugandans benefit rather than a tiny fraction of greedy humans” one Ugandan was overheard making a submission. This however, is also supported by other Ugandans saying that, the musicians help to entertain Ugandans and fight psychological issues like depression and others.

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But still insist that, the money asked for is way too much for them, that it should be revised and the artistes also get something on their tables. Will Jose Chameleone fish something from Gulu? We wish them all the best from the Operation Wealth Creation good office.

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