Jose Chameleon Gets Discharged from the Hospital

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Basing on reports reaching out news desk, Leone island boss Jose Chameleon has been
discharged from the hospital.

Furthermore, his manager indicates that although the musicians’ health condition is yet to
stabilize, he will still be under medical observation but in the confines of his home where he
was taken after being discharged.

Medical reports indicate that the veteran musician Jose Chameleon was landed on a hospital bed thanks to Appendix-related challenges for which he has been receiving medicine attention since his
admission to the hospital.

Therefore, he ought to be cautious and watch out for his life hence fourth so as to ensure that
the health condition he is currently challenged with does not end up getting out of hand.

The news about Jose Chameleon health condition broke out on social media through a post in which
Chameleon is lying on a bed ready for a scan with his mother standing right besides him.

After this picture was linked, no news about his health challenge was shared to the public which
made many people worried about what could be happening to the doctor of music.

Jose Chameleone sick

Now that his health condition has been disclosed to the public, let us keep Chameleon in
prayers and hopefully he shall get better soon as the entire TimesUg team prays for his quick


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To ensure that you don’t land into a similar situation, eat clean food which doesn’t contain
components such as stones so as to protect your appendix from getting any complications.

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