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John Blaq dedicates “Mbimala” to all his haters

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African bwabway John Blaq has through his social media handles dedicated his “mbimala” song to all his haters.

This comes hours after criticisms were showered down on John Blaq over his skills or lack of skills when it comes to affairs of the bedroom as stirred by his sex clip that circulated around many social media platforms.

John Blaq right away came out to make a public apology for the way he acted especially to his loyal fans whose trust he broke when the video found it’s way out of his grasp and the safety of privacy.

Social media was miles ahead of John Blaq though as funny comments were thrown at him from every angle others even claiming that it almost seemed like he was just trying to super glue himself to the lady.

Due to this,John Blaq may have come to a realization that the best way to fight your enemy is by showing them love, no wonder he tweeted saying ” I wanna show all my haters love this song is for you Mbimala.”

“Mbimala” so happens to be John Blaq’s latest hit as it was recently released in which he promises his lover to fullfil each of her every needs. I guess he somehow tries to assure his haters that he will do better next time.

Before the entire sex tape saga, John Blaq had completely gone off the media scene and not even his music seemed to have been getting the attention that he needed as a music.

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However, after the most recent evens, John Blaq became the talk of the town as he added to a chain of sex tapes that have been released during this lockdown all starting from the infamous Kitende girl.

Hopefully people shall find the will to forgive John Blaq through his mbimala song.

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