John Blaq can never film a cheap s3x Tape – John Black Music Limited

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John Black Music Limited has refuted allegations that their client was filmed in a cheap s3x tape. John Blaq is a Ugandan hip-hop and afrobeat artist. Who allegedly released a s3x tape a few weeks after the kitende student’s sex tape was licked.

His video left so many Ugandans questioning his weak sex styles as some said even when he sang “Obubadi” his styles are lacking.

However, John Black Music Limited has today come out and confirmed that their client is not the person in the video but rather someone that resembles him.

In the note that was released today by the so-called management, it is said that their client is also disturbed by the video. It is noted that despite the uncanny resemblance, he is not the one and he can never be relegated to filming cheap videos in dinghy motels.

John Black Music Limited

“ We engaged the police to help us weed out the individuals/groups involved in spreading such malicious propaganda,” he said.

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However, it should be remembered that no one is accepting that the video belongs to him because even the man alleged to be in the video has today appeared on spark TV saying he is not the person in the video.

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