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It Was A Struggle To Quite Alcohol. NINA ROZ

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Musician Nina Roz talks about her journey to drug addiction and quitting alcohol. It was not a walk in the park as she used to think about it every time.

Before starting a campaign to help other musicians fighting addiction, she for a long time nursed her addiction and she was successful which gave her the confidence that she can help others since he managed to help her self.

While appearing in an interview with Galaxy FM, revealed that the time she had quite alcohol she struggled with the urge to drink. She said she saw alcohol in every drink and she really missed it. But like someone who had choose her path she had to keep on track and also she had good friends who did a great job in her life.

“When I quit alcohol, I struggled with the urge to drink. Slowly, with the support of my friends I managed to make it. I stopped taking drugs and alcohol. I have not gone back to my old ways but I  now enjoy some champagne and wine,” she said

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It should be remembered that Nina Roz is now a born again Christian who has tried to follow her doctrines.

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