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Is Fresh Kid Dating? Find The Truth Here.

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Uganda’s young celebrity and rapper Patrick Senyonjjo commonly known as Fresh Kid has left his funs wondering if he is in any romantic relationships at his age.

This came following his social media posts where Fresh kid shared his picture with a girl who is a little taller than him. Basing on the caption it is the girl’s birthday and he is sending his birthday greetings. But guess the caption that left everyone’s mouth open.

“Happy Birthday Baby” He wrote.

However, Fresh being a young musician and a celebrity it is clear that he has those friends from all corners just like other celebrities. Trying to follow other celebrity’s footsteps, today Fresh Kid failed at his choice of words and he used the word “Baby”. Just like other musicians do so as to sound romantic to a friend.

It should be noted that since fresh kid joined the music industry, he has not been rumored to be a type that is yet into girls because at his age he is still too young to be publicly dating. And also basing on his the few interviews where he has been asked about girls his response is always that’s he has no girlfriend and he is not interested in anyone yet.

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