Inside Caroline Kangogo Harsh Suicide Note – My Father Disowned Me

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The whole of Africa is being sent to a freeze after a one fugitive cop called Corporal Caroline Kangogo killed two people and also allegedly took her own life after. She did suicide inside her parent’s home in Nyawa, Elgeyo Marakwet. But her suicide note that she left behind has gob smacked everyone.

Let us look into Caroline Kangogo suicide note and come to know why she killed the people she killed and later on killed herself. She said that, first she had issues with her father, she wanted to kill her husband, Nakuru OCS harrased her sexually and more.

In this note by Caroline Kangogo, she says that, she wanted to kill her husband but forgavie him for the sake of their kids. Again she asks her children to forgive her and Ogweno’s family, to forgive her too for ‘letting’ them down.

“Hi bro, please take care of my kids, their father is too much into women, every visit they could ask me to go together because daddy’s friends harrases them by calling them names. To my beloved parents, siblings, extended family and Ogweno’s family, sorry for letting you down, find a place in your hearts and forgive me.” Caroline Kangogo wrote her suicide note.

“My father disowned me due to failed marriages, to Kenya police, i went through stress OCS Nayngah of NKS put me through hell when i resisted s#x, he could not understand my son’s athmatic condition and my ulcers.” the long suicide note continued to read.

She continued to sting a one Peter Njiru conned her of her 1.5m Kshs of which the 300k she had borrowed it from her father’s retirement benefits.

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Photos of Caroline Kangogo Suicide note


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