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Idriss Deby Itno – Age, Education, Family, Net Worth, Political Career

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The late Chad president Idriss Deby Itno was the commander in Chief of the armed forces of Chad and he had served in the Chat army for a long time. His biography, net worth, education, political career and more.


Marshall Idris Deby was born to herdsman on the 18th of June 1953 in the rural area of Berdoba. Due to his paternity, he belongs to the Bidayat clan of the Zaghawa community.


His education path started out at the Qur’anic School in Tiné, from which he joined École Française in Fada, then Franco – Arab School in Abéché and finally Lyceé Jacques Moudeina in Bongor and later in his life, he attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Science.

Upon completion of school in Chad, he joined the Officers’ School in N’Djamena which was his stepping stone to France for training that saw him return to Chad in 1976 with a certificate as a professional pilot.


In the year of 2005, Idriss Deby officially got married to Hinda Dédy Itno after a series of marriages and a trial of children from his previous marriages. His marriage to Hinda was the took of the nation at the time and it was also surrounded with rumors that it was only the President’s strategy at consolidating inter-tribal relationships amid rebel challenges.

His wife also served a part of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency as a Special Secretary. His only son known by record was Mahamat Brahim was at the age of 27 assassinated on the 2nd of July 2007 a year after he had been laid off from the position of presidential advisor.

Investigations upon his murder resulted in the conviction of four men in July 2011 with a charge of “robbery leading to death without intention,” and their sentences ranged in between five to thirteen years.

Net Worth

According to recent statistic, the Chadian politicians’ net worth is approximately $50 million,  as he is known to own a great number of investments within and out the country Chad.


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As a soldier

During his studies in France, Dédy was always loyal to the ruling government, however, the sorry state in which Chad was February 1979 as the country was infested with multiple army groups drove him to side with Hissène Habrè one of then Chief warlords.

This earned him favour in Hissène Habrè’s eyes and in 1982 Dédy was appointed to office of commander-in-chief of the army during Habrè’s reign as president. His 1984 success against pro-Libyan forces in Eastern Chad prompted Habré’s 1985 decision to send him to Paris to follow a course at the École de Guerre.

And on his return in 1986 he was promoted to chief military advisor to the presidency. 1987 once again lead him to an encounter with Libyan forces along France on his side in the renown ‘Toyota War’ in which Libya suffered a bloody nose.

Idriss Deby also led a raid on Maaten al-Sarra Air Base in Kufrah, in Libya at the time the two countries were fighting. On 1 April 1989 bad blood started to form between Habré and Déby due to an increase in the power of the Presidential Guard.

Habré filed allegations against Deby, minister of the interior Mahamat Itno, and commander in chief of
the Chadian army Hassan Djamous of organising his overthrow. Déby then ran for dear life in Darfur and later Libya, where Gaddafi welcomed him.

Political Career

Idris Deby then made a pact with Gadaffi to release the prisoners of war in exchange for military
support. He then left Libya for Sudan in 1989 and formed the Patriotic Salvation Movement which was aided by Libya and Sudan.

This group was a headache to Habrè’s government and saw it’s overthrow on 2nd December 1990 as they marched into N’Djaména. After three of unrest on 28th December 1991, a charter was drafted announcing Idris Dédy was the President of Chad. He has since won all the subsequent elections including the recently concluded elections.

Cause of Death

Basing on an official statement from the country’s army as of today, the fallen soldier and head
of state succumbed to multiple injuries he acquired during a battle with a rebel group that had
cut through the country’s Norther burial.

Idris’s son took over power temporary leadership as the state awaits to return to normalcy. Also the country’s boarders have been sealed off while a curfew has been instated by the state’s army.

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